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13 Old-time Occupations

Back when my little girl head was full of fairy tales, I mistook a cobbler as a man who sold oysters. I was going to marry a cobbler. He would get me a beautiful pearl necklace. Perhaps too many images in those story books made up a hilarious jumble in my imagination. I still laugh … Continue reading 13 Old-time Occupations

Cobbler or an Emperor

Who would you like to marry, a cobbler or an emperor? In the fairy tale, “The Three Heads of the Well,” from Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales by James Orchard Halliwell, the bad girl was married off to a cobbler as part of her punishment. The other punishments were leprosy and stinky breath. They had … Continue reading Cobbler or an Emperor

Acknowledgements: People Behind a Book

Are you the type who looks at acknowledgements in books, theses or dissertations? Do you sometimes wait awhile after a movie ends to glance at credits? In starting to read Anne Somerset’s Ladies in Waiting, I combed through acknowledgements in the author’s note page. I am curious like that. The author thanked Her Majesty the … Continue reading Acknowledgements: People Behind a Book

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